What is Coinbase ?


Why should you choose Coinbase ?


Things you will like about Coinbase :


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What is Coinbase token ?

For the moment, Coinbase does not have its own native token but according to rumors, it will soon!
Nevertheless, Coinbase is the first crypto company to be listed on the regular stock exchange under the COIN ticker.

Bonus Offer 🎁

With the link below, you will receive the equivalent of 10 dollars in Bitcoin (BTC) for your registration! So don't wait, registration only takes a few minutes and you will receive Bitcoin (BTC) for free

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Free crypto with Learn and Earn by Coinbase

The sign-up bonus is not the only bonus you will receive! Indeed, once registered, you will be able to participate in the Coinbase program called "Learn and Earn" and which will allow you to:

So it's a very easy way to earn some crypto for free after signing up.
Also be aware that Coinbase adds other crypto to earn from time to time so stay tuned to the program and activate notifications in the application!

What alternative to Coinbase ?

There are a large number of alternatives to Coinbase for earning passive income on your crypto or buying and selling it, but here are some of our favorites for their benefits and easy-to-use platform.

πŸ‘‰ Nexo
πŸ‘‰ Celsius