How To Get Divi Theme Builder for Wordpress for free ? 🎁 (Update 2022)

Anyone starting to work with Wordpress has surely came across the Divi Theme and has, at some point, tried to find a way to get that Divi theme for free. I myself stumbled upon that issue and was stuck, not knowing how to quickly build a Wordpress website with a beautiful design, without it being too expensive. Or even how to easily install Divi Theme? How to install Wordpress and Divi in just a few clicks? I got even further and wondered what’s the best hosting service for Wordpress and Divi?

Long story short: I was searching how to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with Wordpress for free (or in a cheaper way).

After quite a long journey on the Internet, I finally found a true and reliable solution to get Divi Theme for free and, best of all, it is really simple to implement. We are not takling here about a hack or a false solution, that will fall apart after a few days or hours. Actually, what I found is a web hosting service that offers a Wordpress Divi Theme license, and its modules (Bloom and Monarch), for free, and this, for all your websites!

Indeed, this web host will, in exchange for your registration to their services (which you need anyway when creating a website), provide a free license for Divi and all its plugins, usable on each and every single one of your websites. Quite nice, right?

The web hosting service I’m talking about, providing you Divi for free, is simply Infomaniak !

In summary, subscribing to this web host will get you:

  • The Divi Theme License for Wordpress,

  • The Divi Builder plugin, allowing to create webpages using drag & drop,

  • Unlimited access to all Wordpress Elegant Themes and to Bloom and Monarch modules,

  • The complete Premium Themes package available in one click (included Magazine Theme),

  • Free Bloom Messages plugin,

  • Free Monarch Social Media plugin

Get it now !

I truly hope that, as for me, this solution will help you and many others! πŸ™‚

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