How to sell adult content as adult content creator ?

How to sell adult content ?

It has now become very easy to earn money by producing adult content, nudes or simply photos of your feet or hands. Yes, really...

How to sell adult content ?

A large number of platforms allow you to sell private, exclusive content or adult content in the form of a subscription to your followers.

The subscription business is very lucrative and some people make a lot of money from it! Some platforms have even developed programs and training to enable their creators to reach more people by teaching them marketing. It also accepts that your subscribers pay by credit card or via cryptocurrency.

These platforms will allow you to sell adult content by create a fan page and let your audience pay subscription fees to view your content.

These platforms were hugely promoted during the covid pandemic because they were the only possibility for adult content creators to keep a source of income.

How to make money with adult content ?

All of these platforms offer you the ability to sell adult content in exchange for users (Fans) to subscribe.
These platforms will usually take around 20% commission on trades made by your followers.
They offer you all the features to help you earn money by selling subscriptions, accepting tips, etc. They also offer advice on how to sell personalized content based on personal requests from your subscribers.
The income you can expect varies greatly depending on your popularity, but the gains can be huge when you see certain profiles!

Where to sell adult content ?

We have gathered for you all the platforms where you can sell adult content.
here are the top 3 to sell your adult content:

👉 OnlyFans
👉 MYM Fans
👉 iFans

A tip to increase your income is to offer your content on several platforms at the same time!

Sites to promote adult content ?

After creating a profile on OnlyFans or MYM for example, which are the biggest platforms for selling your adult content. You can easily promote your profiles on Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram by offering a preview of your content. The goal will be to send your subscribers on these platforms to a "Link in Bio" site that will contain all of your links to these platforms.