Learn and earn crypto : 14€ in Polkadot (DOT) on Revolut - quiz answers !

To make sure you’ll quickly earn the full 14€ in Polkadot on Revolut, you’ll find all of the quiz questions and answers below.

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By the way, the course is quite well done and we encourage you to take it if you want to review the basics of crypto or the Polkadot project.

Course 1 : Crypto basics (Earn 4€ in DOT)

Lesson 1 of 4 : Crypto vs fiat (Earn 1€ in DOT)

  1. What is 'fiat' money ?
    Answer : Government-issued money
  2. What is the main difference between fiat currency and cryptocurrencies ?
    Answer : Cryptocurrencies are decentralised, fiat money is controlled by a central authority.
  3. Who validates transactions on the blockchain ?
    Answer : Special users called 'miners' or 'validators'

Lesson 2 of 4 : Cryptography in crypto (Earn 1€ in DOT)

  1. Why is cryptography important for cryptocurrencies ?
    Answer : It removes the need for a central authority, prevents double spending, and adds security
  2. What are private and public keys ?
    Answer : A public key is like your account number and your private key is like your password
  3. Which statement is true about private and public keys ?
    Answer : It's impossible to work out someone's private key by looking at their public key

Lesson 3 of 4 : Basics of blockchain (Earn 1€ in DOT)

  1. What is a blockchain ?
    Answer : A decentralised database
  2. Who can view the blockchain ?
    Answer : Anyone with a computer and the internet
  3. What makes the blockchain different from a regular database ?
    Answer : It's not controlled by a central party and can be viewed by anyone

Lesson 4 of 4 : Risks of crypto (Earn 1€ in DOT)

  1. What regulatory protections does your crypto have ?
    Answer : None – crypto is not regulated in most countries around the world
  2. How much can you lose if you buy crypto ?
    Answer : Everything -  your investment could go to zero
  3. When would it not be suitable for you to buy crypto ?
    Answer : When you are in debt, or you cannot afford to lose the money you invested

Course 2 : Polkadot (Earn 10€ in DOT)

Lesson 1 of 5 : Intro to Polkadot (Earn 2€ in DOT)

  1. What are some limitations of early blockchains like Bitcoin ?
    Answer : Slow transaction speeds, high fees and inability to communicate with other blockchains
  2. What is Web 3.0 ?
    Answer : A new web built around decentralized technologies where users have more control over their data
  3. How does Polkadot address some of the limitations of earlier blockchains ?
    Answer : It allows multiple blockchains to communicate with each other and process transactions at the same time

Lesson 2 of 5 : How Polkadot works (Earn 2€ in DOT)

  1. What is a relay chain ?
    Answer : A blockchain that connects other blockchains and allows them to communicate
  2. What is a parachain?
    Answer : A blockchain that connects to the Relay Chain and operates in parallel to other parachains
  3. What problems do parachains and relay chains solve ?
    Answer : The inability of blockchains to communicate with each other

Lesson 3 of 5 : Who decides the future of Polkadot (Earn 2€ in DOT)

  1. Who is able to vote for new initiatives like network upgrades on the Polkadot network ?
    Answer : People who hold a DOT token
  2. What is Polkadot’s 'on-chain treasury' ?
    Answer : A pot of tokens that can be used to support projects that benefit the network
  3. How does Polkadot’s governance system differ from some other popular blockchains ?
    Answer : It's governed by a community through voting

Lesson 4 of 5 : DOT Token (Earn 2€ in DOT)

  1. What is Polkadot’s native crypto token called ?
    Answer : DOT
  2. What does 'staking' your DOT tokens mean ?
    Answer : Helping secure the network by locking up DOT tokens, in return for a reward in DOT tokens
  3. What does 'bonding' your DOT tokens mean ?
    Answer : Locking up tokens in order to secure a slot for your parachain on the relay chain

Lesson 5 of 5 : Polkadot and its uses (Earn 2€ in DOT)

  1. What are some use cases of Polkadot ?
    Answer : NFTs, DeFi, powering smart cities
  2. What makes applications built on Polkadot different from the apps on your phone ?
    Answer:  Polkadot apps don’t need to rely on a middleman to work, and can keep your data safer
  3. How do apps on parachains communicate ?
    Answer : Via the Relay Chain

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