MYM Fans - The Best Onlyfans Alternative For Adult Content Creators

MYM Fans

What is MYM Fans ?

MYM fans is a social network for your fans based on the same principles as OnlyFans. It allows you to offer exclusive content to your followers in exchange for a monthly subscription. Your profile will allow you to share both public content and locked content, available through this subscription.
MYM fans is not a site only intended for creators of adult content or erotic content, but also for chefs, sports coaches, tipsters, artists, etc.

Why should you choose MYM Fans ?

MYM.Fans offers different rates depending on the service one pays for, ranging from 75% to 90%.
Compared to other platforms, MYM Fans allows you to earn more money (all media combined) as a content creator because the commission percentage that the platform takes is lower.

Make money as a content creator on MYM Fans

By developing a community through the creation of free content on social networks like Instagram or TikTok, you can earn thousands of euros each month on a recurring basis. Clara Morgane who is also present on this platform would generate around 30,000 euros per month.

To calculate your income on MYM Fans, here is how to proceed:

  • On subscriptions: MYM takes 25% and you 75%
  • On personalized content: MYM takes 20% and you 80%
  • On tips: MYM takes 10% and you 90%

Register on MYM Fans as a Creator

Earn money as an ambassador or affiliate on MYM Fans

MYM offers an affiliate program for its Ambassadors that will allow you to easily generate additional passive income. After creating an ambassador account, you can recruit your first referrals via your affiliate link so that they become MYM creators. Then, you will receive each month, without doing anything, 10% of the income they generate through their monthly subscriptions. Your contacts can also register as ambassadors and in this case, you will receive 50% of the income received by each of your ambassadors registered with your affiliate link.

Sign up on MYM Fans as an Ambassador

Things you will like about MYM Fans :

βœ… More payment methods available (Credit card, Paypal & Cryptocurrency)
βœ… The platform takes a lower commission from content creators
βœ… Best commission for ambassadors (10% lifetime)
βœ… Ranked second best platform after OnlyFans

MYM Fans alternative

πŸ‘‰ OnlyFans
πŸ‘‰ iFans
πŸ‘‰ Fansly
πŸ‘‰ Fanvue
πŸ‘‰ Tipsnaps

The best OnlyFans alternative ?

MYM which is mainly spread in Europe at the moment is very similar to OnlyFans but it is probably one of the best alternative to OnlyFans at the moment. Already have an OnlyFans account? Why not register on both platforms as a creator and reach new followers across Europe quickly!

How do you make money on MYM fans?

The most classic way is through subscriptions. In order to unlock content from content creators, users have to pay a monthly or yearly fee. The creator earns on their subscriptions, 80% of this revenue, while the company receives the remaining 20% as a transaction commission

MYM meaning ?

MYM stands for Meet Your Makers

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